1. Seckel, Maureen A. MSN, APN, Reviewer

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Bloody Easy: Blood Transfusions, Blood Alternatives and Transfusion Reactions-A Guide to Transfusion Medicine


Reviewed by Maureen A. Seckel, MSN, APN


By J. L. Callum and P. H. Pinkerton. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre, 2003. $15 (book only), $100 (book with Internet program). ISBN 0-9681334-2-4. 115 pages.


What's in a name? If you can get past the unfortunate title of the book, "Bloody Easy" with its connotations of murder and mayhem, then you will have access to a great, succinct reference on exactly what the rest of the title states, "Blood Transfusions, Blood Alternatives and Transfusion Reactions. A Guide to Transfusion Medicine." It is nicely colorcoded with graphics that assist the reader in quickly finding information from transfusion basics and blood components to DDAVP and IVIG. It also includes a chapter on sickle cell disease and an appendix for Jehovah's Witnesses, which I found to be informative. The book is written for a Canadian audience and there are a few references specifically for its audience. For me it did not take away the usefulness of the book. As an added bonus, the book can be purchased as part of an Internet learning program that reinforces the information in the book or as a stand-alone book. As just a stand-alone reference, the book is still a quick (115 pages), informative addition for anyone involved with transfusion medicine.