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Distance education, Internet, RN-BSN course





This article describes the development of and student satisfaction with a distance learning course using both online and face-to-face methods in an RN-BSN program in Korea. Four steps were used for course development: (1) assessment of students' learning needs and determination of objectives of the course, (2) designing of module/assignment instructions, (3) development of the Internet-based learning platform, and (4) evaluation of course and Internet-based learning platform. Student satisfaction was evaluated by using a 4-point Likert-type questionnaire. Forty-eight (92.3%) questionnaires were returned. Overall satisfaction with this course was high ([Latin capital letter X with macron above] = 3.29). Appropriateness of learning methods ([Latin capital letter X with macron above] = 3.35) was rated the most satisfactory, followed by appropriateness of content ([Latin capital letter X with macron above] = 3.31). Most of the students enjoyed the course and they wanted more nursing courses to be offered through the online and on-site format. On the basis of the findings, additional courses using both online and face-to-face methods for RN-BSN students should be developed and implemented for RN-BSN nursing programs in Korea.