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[black small square] Coding Basics Program: Twelve courses bring the basics of medical coding to staff through a self-paced learning program available 24/7. Arranged in four clusters, each containing three courses, the program teaches CPT and ICD-9-CM coding at a basic level.


[black small square] Coding Assessment and Training Solutions Program: Provides online assessment and intermediate and advanced training coupled with detailed clinical information and coding guidelines. Program can be customized to include specific specialty areas according to learners needs.


[black small square] Home Health Services: Coding and Reporting Program: A self-paced, 9-week, three-course online program for professional coders, billing staff, administrators, and clinicians that has been designed to expand a student's current knowledge of coding, documentation, and reimbursement issues for home health services.


[black small square] ICD-10-CM Overview: Deciphering the Code Course: A 4-week course that will help coders, educators, billing staff, and clinicians to become familiar with the organization and structure of ICD-10-CM, its resemblance to ICD-9-CM, chapter-specific changes, and coding conventions and guidelines.


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Audio Seminars


[black small square] Home Health Coding: Be a coding leader in home care through application of proper ICD-9-CM codes. Discover how to appropriately report ICD-9-CM codes on OASIS and UB-92. Faculty: Prinny Rose Abraham, RHIT. An archived Internet or CD version is available. For more information visit (for details, click on "Professional Development" and select "Audio Seminars"). Seminar date was April 15, 2004.


AHIMA Publications


[black small square] Documentation and Reimbursement for Home Care and Hospice Programs by Prinny Rose Abraham, RHIT, CPHQ. Presents practical insight of professional HIM expertise in home care and hospice service. Includes information on documentation, reimbursement, and compliance. Intermediate to advanced.


[black small square] ICD-9-CM Diagnostic Coding for Long-Term Care and Home Care Services by Reesa Gottschalk and Prinny Rose Abraham. Discusses the latest guidelines on diagnostic coding for skilled nursing facilities and home care providers. Addresses OASIS, MDS, and HH PPS requirements. Includes exercises and an answer key.


[black small square] Basic ICD-9-CM Coding by Lou Ann Schraffenberger, MBA, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P. A step-by-step instructional guide covering each chapter of ICD-9-CM. Includes details on the structure and rules and offers many examples and coding exercises for practice. Explains coding guidelines and offers clinical information about many common conditions. Basic.


[black small square] Reimbursement Methodologies for Healthcare Services, edited by Lolita M. Jones, RHIA, CCS. Includes information on OASIS start of care assessment; OASIS follow-up assessment; OASIS discharge assessment; OASIS transfer to inpatient facility; and OASIS death at home. Intermediate to advanced. Available in CD format.


All publications are available from the American Health Information Management Association Web site ( or by calling (800) 335-5535.