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Tim Porter-O'Grady, RN, EdD, PhD, FAAN, and Kathy Malloch, RN, PhD, MBA, in Quantum Leadership: A Textbook of New Leadership, peel away the layers of leadership to expose its true core. This user-friendly book's design features reader objectives at the start of each chapter, group discussion topics, and points to ponder. According to the book's preface, the authors designed the book to serve as a snapshot of the leadership role at this moment in time. While penning the book, they focused on issues representative of the current nursing environment, including the need for a new framework for providing health care and the field's fast rate of change. The book synthesizes much of the current research on health care leadership. FIGURE

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Leadership's tenets

The book kicks off with a delineation of "new rules for a new age." The second chapter sends up ten leadership principles, while the third describes leaders acting as peacemakers. Porter-O'Grady and Malloch examine how health care managers can live leadership by embracing the skills of vulnerability, risk taking, and stretching; using error as an opportunity; and fostering emotional competence.


Chapter 7 focuses on minimizing toxic behaviors, while chapter 8 presents the benefits of transformational coaching. The book concludes with instruction on building a context of hope within your facility, and discusses how health care leaders can embody the new spirit of leadership. The appendix contains answers to the quiz questions found at each chapter's end.


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