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  1. Bethel, Claire MSN, RN-BC
  2. Olson, Susan MSN-Ed, RN
  3. Bay, Curt PhD
  4. Uyeda, Tami MSN-Ed, RN, CNRN
  5. Johnson, Karen PhD, RN


OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to describe current practices for onboarding travel nurses (TRNs) and identify TRNs' specific onboarding needs.


BACKGROUND: Onboarding must be streamlined and organized for TRNs to provide safe patient care.


METHODS: Cross-sectional descriptive survey was used with 306 TRNs throughout United States who were recruited electronically from a closed social media group page.


RESULTS: The TRNs identified critical information, including unit patient ratios, onboarding schedule 7 to 14 days before travel assignment start, and login IDs/accesses on day 1. Travel nurse onboarding and competency assessment checklists should be specific to the unit/facility where they will work.


CONCLUSION: Findings from this study have the potential to support hospitals in the development of streamlined and tailored TRN onboarding to support regulatory compliance and patient safety as well as realize significant cost savings for TRN onboarding.