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Cultural Attunement, Cultural Humility, Health Professions Education, Nursing Education, Study Abroad



  1. Kako, Peninnah M.
  2. Klingbeil, Carol G.


AIM: This qualitative descriptive study aimed to evaluate the role of a short-term interprofessional study abroad program in Kenya on beginning awareness of cultural humility.


BACKGROUND: Students in the health care professions, including nursing, must learn to work effectively with diverse patient populations and provide culturally safe care.


METHOD: Course assignments of 21 students were thematically analyzed to discover how students applied concepts of cultural attunement to learn cultural humility while interacting with people in rural and urban Kenya.


RESULTS: Student narrations acknowledged all aspects of cultural attunement during the experience: the pain of oppression; acted with reverence; reported coming from a place of not knowing; engaged in acts of humility; engaged in mutuality; and reported attaining harmony, cooperation, and accord.


CONCLUSION: Findings suggest a short-term community-focused study abroad experience can be a valuable tool for beginning stages of becoming culturally humble and providing culturally safe health care.