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Global Citizens, International Clinical Experiences, Prelicensure RN Curriculum



  1. McKinnon, Tamara
  2. McNelis, Angela M.
  3. de Leon, Kathleen
  4. Whitlow, Malinda
  5. Fitzpatrick, Joyce J.


AIM: The study purpose was to describe current international clinical experience (ICE) practices in RN prelicensure programs in the United States.


BACKGROUND: There is interest in ICE to fulfill the goal of preparing global citizens; however, lack of evidence on developing, implementing, and evaluating best practices for ICE limits the enactment of this approach.


METHOD: An electronic survey was completed by 900 deans and/or directors of diploma, associate, bachelor's, accelerated bachelor's, and master's-entry RN prelicensure programs.


RESULTS: Respondents (n = 241, 27 percent) indicated their programs included ICE. Across programs, ICE occurred most often in community health courses. The predominant reason for offering ICE was alignment with the institutional mission and vision.


CONCLUSION: Wide variability exists in methods used to implement ICE for credit toward the nursing major. There is a need to continue to assess and disseminate best practices in implementing ICE to accomplish the goal of global health engagement.