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Competency-Based Nursing Education, Conceptual Framework, Global Health



  1. Torres-Alzate, Herica


AIM: This article describes the process of developing the Nursing Global Health Competencies Framework.


BACKGROUND: Despite progress in the identification of global health competencies in nursing education, a theoretical underpinning to guide curriculum development and research in global health nursing was needed.


METHOD: Scoping review of the literature; deduction.


DISCUSSION: The framework contains one dimension, nursing core value and principles, delineated with seven subcategories: social justice and equity, holistic care, advocacy, health as human right, sustainability, advocacy, and collaboration. The framework also contains four assumptions: environmental focus, care focus, education focus, and competency leveling.


CONCLUSION: A framework for global health in nursing education is critical to guide the development of competencies and relevant curricula to reflect the core values and principles of nursing. The literature germane to global health nursing was synthesized to define the relationships of core values in a graphic framework that depicts the essential concepts.