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This month's cover photo shows a community event held by Action for AIDS, a Singapore-based nongovernmental organization, aimed at challenging the stigma associated with HIV-AIDS and tackling the discrimination against people living with HIV. In 2011, the group launched a mass campaign called "Let's Be Positive About People Living with HIV" to encourage acceptance of this population-many of whom in Singapore hide their HIV status for fear of discrimination, particularly in the workplace. Action for AIDS recently announced that 80 companies in Singapore have signed its "Inclusive Employers" pledge not to dismiss employees based on HIV status, to support employees who face harassment or discrimination, and to implement educational antistigma initiatives.

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This month, we offer a comprehensive overview of the latest in HIV treatment and prevention. Author Jeffrey Kwong notes that thanks to medical breakthroughs, people with HIV now live much longer than in the past-which means nurses are caring for more older patients who have long-term complications associated with HIV or exposure to antiretroviral therapy, in addition to the chronic conditions associated with advanced age. To learn more about the nurse's role in HIV care, read "HIV Update: An Epidemic Transformed" in this issue.-Diane Szulecki, editor