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1. Abnormalities present at birth


5. Duct leading away from gallbladder


6. Drug used to help dissolve cholesterol stones less than 20 mm in diameter


9. Cyst filled with pancreatic juices and cellular debris


12. Phagocytic liver cell


15. Virus identified in 1989, associated with IV drug abuse and blood transfusion


16. Patients with HCV and cirrhosis have an increased ________ of developing liver cancer.


17. Biliary ______ can be a symptom of choledocholithiasis.


20. Professional society for healthcare workers involved in the gastroenterology arena


21. This type of hypertension may be treated by TIPS procedure


22. Accumulation of serous fluid in the abdomen


24. Cholangitis, with fever, right upper quadrant pain, and jaundice is known as Charcot ______.


26. This surgical procedure has greatly improved the survival rate of children with biliary atresia after a failed Kasai


30. Inflammation of the liver


33. Elevation of this blood test almost always indicates some degree of ongoing hepatocellular damage.


34. Laboratory value which elevates with acute pancreatitis


36. Liver disease with fibrosis and nodular regeneration


37. Presence of ectopic pancreatic tissue in the stomach.


38. Liver disease with beading appearance in the bile ducts


40. As a treatment for HCV, this drug inhibits viral replication, decreases fibrosis, and lowers inflammatory activity.


43. A secretion of the liver


44. A laboratory marker for primary biliary cirrhosis


45. A recessively inherited disorder of iron metabolism


49. Sampling of tissue for the purpose of cytological examination during an endoscopic ultrasound exam


51. Protein essential in maintaining the colloid osmotic pressure in the vascular system


52. One function of bile includes the emulsification of undigested ______.


53. Type of hepatitis with non-T cell cytotoxicity against autologous hepatocytes


54. This outer layer of the gallbladder is derived from the peritoneum.


55. Milk _______ is an herbal remedy for liver disease.


56. Amylase, lipase, and protease are _________ secreted by the pancreas.



1. Presence of stones in the gallbladder


2. This polymer of glucose is formed in and largely stored in the liver.


3. This lab value should be close to 1.0 to minimize the risk of bleeding following liver biopsy (abbr.).


4. Lab test that can be a marker for primary hepatocellular carcinoma (abbr.)


5. The combination of the cystic duct and the hepatic duct (abbr.)


7. This autosomal-recessive disease affects the pancreas, the respiratory system, the sweat glands, and the reproductive system. (abbr.)


8. On which side is the smaller lobe of the liver located?


10. Diagnostic procedure for PSC (abbr.)


11. Grouping of the hepatic artery, hepatic vein, and bile duct


13. A national transplant waiting list (abbr.)


14. Antiviral drug which may be used to enhance the effects of interferon in HCV


18. A noninvasive, radiological scanning technique that relies on differences in tissue density to reflect organ configuration (abbr.)


19. Most of the clotting factors used in the body are produced in the liver, including ______ and fibrinogen. (abbr.)


23. This virus may cause neonatal hepatitis, which may lead to cirrhosis. (abbr.)


25. A common symptom of viral hepatitis


27. Pancreatic cells that make up the majority of the pancreatic tissue


28. The most common complication of sphincter of Oddi manometry


29. Moderate-to-severe hepatitis is associated with high serum _______ levels.


31. The science of epidemic diseases


32. The aim of therapy in hemochromatosis is the removal of this substance via phlebotomy.


33. Antimitochondrial ________ is found in 90% or more of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis.


35. A thin hollow tube for the purpose of drainage


39. The abbreviation for lactic dehydrogenase


41. An inherited metabolic disorder of copper metabolism in which copper accumulates in the liver and brain.


42. Insulin-producing cells


45. A virus contracted from deer mice droppings


46. Budd ______ syndrome is an uncommon cause of portal hypertension with hepatic vein obstruction.


47. This deficiency is the most common cause of liver disease in children. (abbr.)


48. A chronic progressive liver disease leading to cirrhosis which is often associated with other disorders such as arthritis and thyroid problems. (abbr.)


50. A manometry procedure performed during an ERCP for patients with chronic abdominal pain



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