1. Catlin, Anita DNSc, FNP, CNL, FAAN

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With a great deal of gratitude, I am stepping into the Editorship of the Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing. I am grateful to the Board of Directors of the Pediatric Surgical Nursing Association for giving me this opportunity. I am grateful to the members of this organization for their future readership. I am grateful to the writers whose contributed Case Studies and Surgical Procedure articles are very strong. As editor, I ask myself, "How can you make something already good continue to be great?" This leads me to some new visions for the Journal. I would like to include more articles that reflect on parent and guardian needs. I would like to hear the stories from parents and children as they describe being the recipients of care. I would like to see us question the ethics of what we do, discussing children's assent to care and potential refusals. I hope to publish a wide range of materials describing surgeries on mothers having in-utero procedures to those for teens nearing adulthood. Articles describing rehabilitation after trauma will be welcomed. I'd like to receive articles on care for children in the autism spectrum, with mental illness or sensory impairment. I would like to publish articles about hospital management, in same-day surgery, perioperative, and operating room services. I would like to hear about the everyday lives of pediatric surgical nurses and provide articles helping them to care for themselves. I'd like to encompass theoretical frameworks into the work we do and the papers we publish. I would like to provide career guidance and support to our readers. I would like the Journal to be a home of comfort for our readers, where they can write in questions and receive answers. I welcome foreign authors to send in culturally diverse descriptions of care. I hope those of you reading this editorial will help me with this. We are looking for reviewers and editorial board members. We are looking for writers of manuscripts, educational articles, research studies, and narrative stories. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas. This is a new era for the Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing, and all ideas will be given due consideration. I look forward to working with you.

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Sincerely, Anita Catlin