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It is with excitement that I have the opportunity to share several changes in leadership associated with the Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association (JDNA). Whereas some may view change as challenging and disruptive, I choose to think of change as opportunities for growth and welcome the potential for improvement. As the JDNA continues to mature, the Dermatology Nurses' Association (DNA) believes it is a natural course of progression to add an Associate Editor for the Journal. Jane Glaze, the current DNA president states, "As in all phases of our DNA organization, we are trying to identify and put in place a leadership succession plan. As your Board of Directors, we collectively agree it is vital to identify our backup positions should we encounter unexpected or even expected leadership changes or leaves. This includes from top to bottom, the management company, the various paid contractors and our many volunteer leaders on committees within DNA. Regarding the JDNA, we feel the Associate Editor will be a compliment to the Editor, with the many expectations and duties within the editor position. Having an Associate Editor to focus on innovative recruitment of new authors, articles and column topics will be a valuable asset to our publication. Dividing responsibilities should enable both editors to work with more energy and creativity-a win-win for JDNA." After a search for an appropriate candidate, I am extremely pleased to introduce Ms. Kyleen Davis, MSN, CRNP, DCNP, as the inaugural Associate Editor of the JDNA. With over 15 years of clinical experience, Ms. Davis has a long track record of excellence and leadership and is a strong addition to the Editorial Board. Before her work in dermatology, Ms. Davis served as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and co-investigated a clinical research study at the Lombardi Cancer Center, Washington, DC. Ms. Davis currently works for the Dermatologic Surgery Center of Washington in Washington, DC, and specializes in skin cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Her other special interests include alopecia disorders, acne, and photodynamic therapy. Ms. Davis believes "being a JDNA editor will offer a unique perspective of observing the evolving field of dermatology nursing" and states that her goal is "to help provide an excellent scientific resource for all dermatologic providers with the hope that it will broaden nurses' visibility within the scientific community and enable them to provide outstanding patient care." Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Kyleen. We look forward to working with her and are excited to have her influence on the JDNA.

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In other transition news, it is with mixed emotion that I inform readers that our Publisher is retiring. Kathleen Phelan, Senior Publisher, has been with the JDNA since its inception. As you can imagine, I am sad to see her leave but am excited to have her move into this next phase of her life. As indicated, she has been working with the DNA since the beginning to establish the JDNA as a new dermatology nursing journal. Her expertise and publishing savvy have been instrumental in guiding our organization as we developed a journal from the ground up. Her passion as well as practical knowledge and abilities have been instrumental in developing the JDNA into the journal it is today. Her acumen in the world of publishing, and specifically, publishing in the world of nursing, has been of great benefit as the JDNA was started and during the first few years of implementation. Her wisdom and guidance have been very much appreciated as she worked with us and deftly guided us to develop a journal with content worthy of publishing. She has offered the JDNA her good judgment from years of experience, while also providing the JDNA opportunities that are most consistent and up-to-date with current publishing practices. Although much of her work and influence has been more behind-the-scenes, her astute grasp of publishing trends and considerations have benefited our journal, and we are deeply thankful for her influence on the development of the JDNA. Kathleen, thank you for your dedication and wisdom as we developed; we appreciate the tremendous work you have done for the JDNA and our members associated with it. Lisa Bonsall, MSN, RN, CRNP, a member of the JDNA Editorial Board, reflects, "Kathleen has been a mentor and a friend. She encouraged us to try new things to engage our audience both via the print journal and the journal website, as well as other platforms online, including social media. She will be missed!" In an additional remembrance, Theresa Coyner, MSN, CRNP, DCNP, also a JDNA Editorial Board member, states, "Kathleen has always been the 'go to' person with queries about the publishing process. Her expertise in publishing and her loyal support of dermatology nursing will be greatly missed." Kathleen, best wishes during your retirement! For those readers who may be interested, during the transition, our publishing company has appointed an Interim Publisher who will serve to bridge the time between Kathleen's retirement and the start of our new Publisher. At the time of this writing, active interviews are being conducted to look for a permanent replacement. As you can imagine, they are looking for a candidate with a specific set of skills that will be the best fit for the JDNA and our particular set of criteria. I will keep you informed of additional changes as announced.


The final change associated with the Journal I wish to inform readers of is the departure of one of the JDNA's long-standing Editorial Board members. It is with acknowledgment and praise that I recognize Katrina Masterson, DNP, FNP-BC, DCNP, who has been a JDNA Editorial Board member for the last 8 years. She has been a long-standing member of the Editorial Board, and we are thankful for her dedication and passion in helping to make the Journal a meaningful voice for dermatology nurses. In addition to writing articles for the JDNA on a variety of topics, often about skin cancer and tanning, she has also contributed editorials to share her experiences and thoughts about dermatology nurses and dermatology nursing and has been the Guest Editor for the 2015 JDNA special issue on skin cancer. Dr. Masterson states, "I am grateful for having had the opportunity to serve on the board of this fine organization. The years I have served have been of tremendous value to me personally and professionally. Service on this board has afforded me the opportunity to work with some amazing individuals in and around the field of dermatology nursing. This experience has kindled my professional growth and allowed me to contribute to my profession in ways I would never have imagined. I highly commend the work of this board in fostering the growth of our science by dissemination of information, fostering the growth of new authors, and providing a platform for individuals to share their expertise as reviewers." We have all benefited from her love of dermatology and nursing, and her gifts to both the Journal and me, personally, cannot be underestimated. Katrina, we thank you for your service and wish you the best as you pursue new endeavors.


Despite all these changes, one thing that is always consistent is the excellence of the annual DNA convention! We are hoping to see all of you next year for the DNA's 38th Annual Convention, March 18-21, 2020, in Denver, CO. I know the Convention Program Planning committee has been working hard to develop a curriculum that is educational, timely, and engaging. Conference Co-Chair, Diana Pencheva, FNP-BC, DCNP, says, "If you have to choose one dermatology conference to attend in 2020, choose The DNA Convention 2020 in Denver so you can connect, support and stay updated with the latest in the world of dermatology. Celebrating its 40th year of educating nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, and other healthcare professionals with interest in dermatology, the DNA is considered the most prestigious nursing organization in the field. The annual DNA Convention attracts a national audience and promotes inclusiveness, diversity, excellence in dermatological care and sharing of knowledge and expertise among nurses and nurse practitioners." I am sure you agree with me that this sounds fantastic, and it's sure to be a convention you don't want to miss-please come and join the education and fun!


As always, I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Angela L. Borger


Editor in Chief