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We would like to thank the reader for her careful review of the information provided in our article in MCN. We appreciate the opportunity this reader has provided to improve our work. In regard to the reference from the Consortium of State Physicians Resource Councils, the citation for the complete sentence should have reflected the primary source. The reference from a peer-reviewed medical journal should have read: Mohn, J. K., Tingle, L. R., & Finger, R. (2003). An analysis of the causes of the decline in non-marital birth and pregnancy rates for teens from 1991 to 1995. Adolescent Family and Health, 3, 39-47. The Guttmacher citation in text was to have been removed (as it was from the reference list), but during the editing process this did not occur. We regret that we did not notice this discrepancy on checking the galleys.


It was our intent to call attention to the many alternative explanations for changes in teenage pregnancy trends, including behavioral changes and changes in contraceptive use. We were not advocating any one intervention, but emphasizing that multifactorial explanations and solutions need to be examined for their potential impact on any given cultural group. This information should continue to be of great importance to those interested in effecting change in adolescent risk taking behaviors, which is of international concern.