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See I dressed up pretty today


I've got henna on my hands


Only outside though


I didn't put it up on the inside


I have to examine you


I wore red nail colour


The colour of blood


I imagine my hands looked pretty


Underneath the gloves


I mean its eid today


You the one with a failing liver


Your father is busy right now


Outside the ED


Counting his savings


Fighting back tears of desperation


I can anticipate


He will come in shortly to discuss


Financial constraints


And with a heavy heart I will


Type your leave against advise


You the one with the *SOL*


You bled in your brain


The color on my nails, remember


You came in interactive


Suddenly unresponsive


How do I save you


Would the vent help? No says PICU


Would decompressive craniotomy do


No, said neurosurgery


Is there any other option


DNR says neurooncology


Your father is looking at me


With questions


My turn to fight back tears


As I break it down to him


Back home they asked me


As a festive dinner was being served


Why did I leave half of my nails




Red looks good, they said


AREEBA SULTAN, MBBS, is a resident in Pediatrics & Child Health at the Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. More of her writing can be found on her blog at

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