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  1. Krzyzaniak, Natalia MPharm, BPharm Sci, GradCert PharmMed
  2. Pawlowska, Iga PhD, MPharm
  3. Bajorek, Beata PhD, BPharm, DipHospPharm, GradCertEdStud (HigherEd)


A multidisciplinary and collaborative team network is essential in ensuring positive health outcomes for critically ill neonatal patients. The objective of this study was to investigate the perceptions of neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) doctors and nurses in Australia and Poland toward pharmaceutical care services in the NICU. A cross-sectional, anonymous, electronic-based survey was distributed between January and April 2017 among a sample of NICU doctors, nurses, and midwives. A total of 77 participants from Australia and 93 from Poland completed the survey. Overall, from the perspectives of medical and nursing staff, it is apparent that clinical pharmacy practice on the NICU is more established in Australia than in Poland. Only 8.6% of Polish participants reported that a pharmacist worked directly on the NICU in comparison with 87% of Australian participants (P < .001). The main roles performed by pharmacists in Polish NICUs related to the provision of medicines, whereas Australian pharmacists were highly involved in all aspects of pharmacotherapy, particularly in the clinical and education domains. Future efforts should focus on how practice is structured in each country and what support can be implemented from educational, cultural, and legislative levels to enable better pharmacist integration into the NICU therapeutic team.