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  1. Ross, Alyson PhD, RN
  2. Touchton-Leonard, Katharine MA
  3. Perez, Avery BS
  4. Wehrlen, Leslie MSN, RN, OCN, ACRP-CP
  5. Kazmi, Narjis MPH
  6. Gibbons, Susanne PhD, C-ANP/GNP


Nurses are instrumental in the battle against lifestyle-related diseases, yet nurses may not be participating in their own health-promoting self-care. This study used qualitative content analysis of survey responses to explore nurses' perceptions regarding barriers and facilitators to health-promoting behaviors such as exercise, healthy eating, and participation in stress reduction activities. Seven themes emerged: lack of time/overwork, lack of resources/facilities, fatigue, outside commitments, "unhealthy" food culture, supportive versus unsupportive individuals, and positive versus negative role models. Institutional, interpersonal, and intrapersonal changes are needed to adequately address barriers to nurses' participation in health-promoting behaviors.