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behavior, ischemic, response, stroke, symptoms



  1. Beal, Claudia C.
  2. Ogola, Gerald
  3. Allen, Leigh


BACKGROUND: Prehospital delay remains an important reason for low intravenous tissue plasminogen activator administration rates. Study of ischemic stroke patients' responses to stroke onset may be hampered by lack of a questionnaire designed specifically to examine their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses to symptoms.


METHODS: We provide evidence for content validity and reliability for the Responses to Ischemic Stroke Symptoms Questionnaire (RISQ) through, expert panel review and calculation of a content validity index and a study to examine stability reliability among hospitalized acute ischemic stroke patients.


RESULTS: Expert panel review demonstrated agreement on the relevance of questionnaire items and an overall content validity index of 0.97. The study to examine stability reliability demonstrated acceptable stability of the items on the RISQ over the short term in a sample of white and black stroke patients.


CONCLUSION: Preliminary evidence was gathered to support the content validity and stability reliability of the RISQ. Study of the RISQ with other population groups is needed.