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  1. Schultz, Timothy J. PhD
  2. Thomas, Anne BSc, RN
  3. Georgiou, Paul MNsg(AcuteCare), RN
  4. Cusack, Lynette PhD, MHA, RN
  5. Juaton, Mahasen MNsg, RN
  6. Simon, Lorraine MNsg, RN
  7. Naidoo, Kerisha MPharm, MBA
  8. Webb, Kevin BNurs, RN
  9. Karnon, Jonathan PhD, MSc
  10. Ravindran, Janakan MBBS


Natalizumab is an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis that requires 4-weekly infusions that are usually provided in hospital outpatient clinics. In this study, a model of care (MOC), an overarching design for the provision of a health care service, was developed to permit home infusions of natalizumab. The proposed new MOC comprised 9 dimensions, in addition to the central concept of patient-centered care at home. The new MOC is responsive to patient needs and prioritizes the nurse-patient therapeutic relationship. It provides practical examples of patient-centered care to guide clinical practice for this patient population in the home setting.