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  1. Pardo, Larissa Perez MSN, RN
  2. Kusahara, Denise Miyuki PhD, RN
  3. Pires, Maria Paula de Oliveira PhD, RN
  4. Nani, Luiz Augusto Silva BS
  5. Avelar, Ariane Ferreira Machado PhD, RN
  6. Peterlini, Maria Angelica Sorgini PhD, RN
  7. Pedreira, Mavilde Luz Goncalves PhD, RN


This experimental randomized study compared the effects of macrodrop and microdrop blood transfusion sets on red blood cell (RBC) hemolysis. Twenty units of packed RBCs from different donors were infused through 48 infusion sets from 2 manufacturers at infusion rates of 10 and 100 mL/h. Pre- and postinfusion analysis was performed to determine total hemoglobin (g/dL), hematocrit (%), free hemoglobin (g/dL), potassium (mmol/L), haptoglobin (g/L), and degree of hemolysis (%). The results demonstrated that the level of free hemoglobin (P < .001) and degree of hemolysis (P < .001) increased postinfusion. A higher degree of hemolysis was noted when the RBCs were infused at a rate of 10 mL/h through a microdrop blood transfusion set.