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cyberspace, e-mail, long-distance research collaboration, phenomenological research



  1. Liehr, Patricia PhD, RN
  2. Takahashi, Ryutaro MD, PhD
  3. Liu, Huaping PhD, RN
  4. Nishimura, Chie BS
  5. Ito, Mio MSN, RN
  6. Summers, Linda C. DSN, RN, CNS, FNP


This article describes a qualitative research method that weds the cyberspace technology of e-mail with a phenomenological research approach. Examples are provided from 2 separate data sets. One data set explored the meaning of health for Japanese elders; the second explored Chinese nurses' experience of taking care of patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome. Lessons learned while using the cyberspace method are discussed, including guidance for organizing a long-distance research team, the central place of trust, and the time when e-mail communication demands to be supplemented with face-to-face interaction. The potential for bridging distance and culture with this cyberspace method is introduced for consideration and critique.