1. Gustafsson, Silje PhD, RN
  2. Walivaara, Britt-Marie PhD, RN
  3. Gabrielsson, Sebastian PhD, RN


Background: Studies of patient satisfaction with telephone nursing can provide a better understanding of callers' needs and inform the improvement of services.


Purpose: This study described patients' experiences and perceptions of satisfaction with telephone nursing.


Methods: The design was nonexperimental and descriptive, with an inductive approach. Data were collected using open-ended questions in a questionnaire that was dispatched to 500 randomly selected callers to the Swedish Healthcare Direct in Northern Sweden.


Results: Patients' satisfaction with telephone nursing was related to calm, clarity, and competence. Calm referred to the nurse remaining calm and composed during the call. Clarity was described as distinct, concrete, and practical advice on how to act, what to observe, and where to seek further assistance. Competence referred to both health care knowledge and caring skills.


Conclusion: These aspects of nursing are dependent on each other and on-call telephone nursing services, which value patient satisfaction need to target all 3.