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PATIENTS WHO HAVE had a stroke and their families will need information, practical advice, and support to navigate life after a stroke. Let them know about these online resources.


American Stroke Association (ASA)


In collaboration with the American Heart Association, the ASA offers support group information for patients who have experienced a stroke and their caregivers and family members; resources for caregivers; and information on life after a stroke. This website also directs visitors to the website for ASA's Stroke Connection, a digital-only magazine published four times a year that includes information for stroke survivors and their families.


Know Stroke


Developed by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Know Stroke campaign's website offers the latest developments in stroke research as well as a wide variety of stroke brochures, informational videos, educational toolkits, infographics, and other multimedia resources. This site also provides educational materials for healthcare professionals, including an interactive DVD training tool for administering and scoring the NIH Stroke Scale.


The Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke


The World Health Organization and the CDC created this Atlas to address the global epidemics of heart disease and stroke. Each of the six sections is written in easy-to-understand, concise language, and includes images to help readers visualize the information. Topics include treatment, health education, and ways to reduce the risk of future strokes.


The Internet Stroke Center


Supported in part by the NIH, this nonprofit educational service covers information for patients, such as stroke diagnosis and treatment, and offers information on conferences, guidelines, and consensus statements for health professionals. The site also offers a registry of clinical trials on stroke from around the US and a tool that helps patients locate a nearby stroke center certified by The Joint Commission.