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  1. Quiban, Carlota PhD, RN, CPHQ
  2. Brooks, Raelene PhD, RN
  3. Armstrong, Dometrives DNP, RN, FNP


Many adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are admitted as an inpatient, and much has been reported on their ASD-related characteristics and aggressive behaviors that complicate their care during hospitalizations. A variety of surgical and medical clinical conditions have required their admissions in the critical care unit. A limited number of case studies are present for hospitalized adults with ASD; most literature about young children was on how to provide care for them. An interdisciplinary approach with a focus on determining information specific to adult patients with ASD, medical problems or common causes of challenging behaviors, and medication history, as well as nutritional needs, is essential in meeting the care needs of autistic adults. Suggestions informed by multiple sources of evidence are presented to assist critical care nurses on how to provide support to care needs of adult patients with ASD during their hospital stay and transition to home.