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  1. Bojorquez, Genesis R. MSN, RN, PCCN
  2. Jackson, Kimmeth E. MSW, LCSW
  3. Andrews, Amy K. MA, MT-BC


Music therapy (MT) in the inpatient setting has demonstrated positive outcomes worldwide. There was no protocol to utilize MT at this organization. The purpose of this project was to incorporate and evaluate MT as an adjunct intervention to address pain and anxiety in adult surgical step-down patients. Evidence-based practice change using the 8A's method integrated individualized MT provided by a board-certified music therapist to hospitalized patients over a 3-month period. Training was provided to 35 nurses and unit-assigned social worker on the utilization of MT for patients exhibiting pain or anxiety symptoms. The clinical social worker and staff nurses provided referrals for MT directly to the music therapist. Evaluation of MT included paired t-test and Wilcoxon signed-rank score comparisons of the numerical pain rating scale and the DSM-5 Patient Reported Outcome Measurement Information System Anxiety short form before and after the MT encounter. Among patients who received MT (n = 42), there was a statistically significant reduction in both pain (pre



= 6.07, post



= 3.45, t = 7.046, P = < .001) and anxiety (pre



= 56.47, post



= 46.52, t = 7.787, P <= .001). The reduction in pain (moderate to mild) and anxiety (mild to none) was also clinically significant.