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clinical skills, curriculum, educational models, nursing students, veterans



  1. McLain, Rhonda M. PhD, RN
  2. Moore, Randy DNP, RN
  3. Hites, Lisle PhD


Background: Many of our military transitioning to civilian life are expertly trained medics, corpsmen, and health care specialists.


Problem: The medical training of these veterans does not follow traditional degree granting academic protocols. These individuals seeking formal academic credentials to work in the nonmilitary sector are often forced to start their health education over from the beginning.


Approach: An innovative model was developed for waiving the requirements for specific nursing courses for veteran-students. Using a skills self-assessment tool and a validation process, veteran-students are able to demonstrate their knowledge, training, and experience.


Outcomes: As part of the program, 32 veteran-students have validated out of 65 courses for 115 credit hours. All students have successfully progressed through the BSN program.


Conclusion: This skills validation model represents a model that can be implemented for students entering a nursing program with a variety of health care backgrounds.