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academically dismissed, associate degree nursing, attrition, program completion, readmission



  1. Dries, Kelly J. PhD, RN


Background: The projected shortfall in the number of RNs supports the need to identify variables impacting nursing student program completion. Studies are lacking as to variables that affect attrition and program completion of readmitted nursing students.


Purpose: This study examined academic and nonacademic variables that impact attrition and program completion of readmitted associate degree nursing students.


Methods: Survey and record review yielded student characteristics, support for learners, student effort, and student outcome measures that predicted attrition and program completion.


Results: Findings suggest that students earning a final grade of B+ or higher in the nursing fundamentals course complete the program. In addition, readmitted nursing students who were 33 years or older had decreased odds of completing the program by 1.44% for each year of age. The study also pointed to nonacademic variables that impacted attrition.


Conclusions: Measures to improve program completion of readmitted nursing students are included.