1. Brown, Tori EdD, MSN, RN

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A nurse's role in the clinical setting is pivotal in providing patient safety. Teaching risk management can be daunting. As educators, our goal is to ensure nursing students understand the importance of patient safety. Simply presenting risk management may provide only short-term exposure for some students. However, actively engaging students in clinical case scenarios can help them grasp the reality and understand risk management as they move closer to graduation. Bingo is an all-time favorite game among individuals of all ages. Incorporating the use of Patient Safety Bingo into a nursing course can engage students in learning. To implement this teaching technique, simply create scenarios embedded with one patient safety issue. The Bingo cards should be filled with the answers, for example, lack of documentation or failure to follow protocol. It is best to randomize the answers of each Bingo card. During class, the educator can read the scenarios aloud, then it is up to each student to decide what answer matches that particular scenario. At the end, whoever has the correct answers in a straight Bingo line wins the game. This game can be played once or in multiple rounds. It is an excellent way for students to fully grasp risk management and patient safety concepts. It encourages students to think deeply about the scenario and match it up to the correct answer. Furthermore, it assists nurse educators to assess what concepts of safety students have difficulty identifying.