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Fulbright Program, global health, nursing education, nursing faculty, transcultural nursing



  1. Lasater, Kathie EdD, RN, ANEF, FAAN


Background: Nursing students need an understanding of global health concepts in the 21st century. Patients and/or populations may come from anywhere in the world, some of whom may be seeking refuge from conflict and/or war. In addition, nurses may be employed in other countries.


Problem: Nurse educators may not have international experiences or know about global opportunities or how to navigate them.


Approach: Fulbright Scholar Awards are one way for nursing educators to experience academic opportunities in another country, working with international colleagues and/or students.


Outcomes: One nurse educator describes her experience from successful application through the postaward period.


Conclusions: Fulbright offers opportunities for academics to engage in teaching and/or research, work with international colleagues, and be immersed in other cultures. Such experiences can equip nurse educators with more comprehensive global perspectives for preparing future nurses.