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  1. Brown, Lauren MSN, RN
  2. Saini, Virender MD
  3. Carter, Chris PharmD


OBJECTIVE: To describe the impact of a standardized rounding process on rounding time and multidisciplinary member attendance.


BACKGROUND: Rounding efficiency and effectiveness are often compromised by lack of standardization of important elements including start time and location, the attendance of multidisciplinary representatives, patient presentation highlights, and physician workflow. In 2017, the study authors noted inefficiencies and process failures in multidisciplinary rounds within our ICU.


METHODS: We conducted a retrospective review of rounding data before and after the implementation of a simplified and streamlined rounding template for ICU nurses and measures to standardize rounding processes and attendance.


RESULTS: Rounding time was decreased by 25% in postimplementation phase. Additionally, attendance of respiratory therapists, clinical dietitians, and case managers improved.


CONCLUSIONS: We suggest the piloting of these strategies in other ICUs that experience similar inefficiencies and process failures during multidisciplinary rounds.