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  1. Sullivan-Bolyai, Susan DNSc, RN, CNS, FAAN
  2. Pellegrini, Linda MS, GNP-BC, RN
  3. Boucher, Jean PhD, RN
  4. Gravlin, Gayle EdD, RN, NEA-BC
  5. O'Neil, William NP, RN
  6. Coco, Angelina MSN, RN
  7. Vitello, Joan PhD, RN


The purpose of the Aging Well Nursing-Interprofessional Salon was to explore current local community healthcare issues for older adults and to develop innovative strategies that support and enhance their health. An initiative emerged from the salon that focuses on identifying caregivers to ensure their awareness of available support resources. We are in the process of developing a pilot plan that includes collaboration of PhD and doctorate of nursing practice students, nursing faculty, and community agencies that support older adults.