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Maintain superior productivity

In Superior Productivity in Health Care Organization: How to Get It, How to Keep It, author Paul Fogel, MBA, suggests a program to help healthcare administrators create and maintain prosperous and secure organizations in which nurses love to work and practice. In exploring the concept of healthcare organization productivity, Fogel stresses accountability, fairness, measurement, and simplicity. Rather than month-to-month financial losses and gains, Fogel sets forth the goal of lasting prosperity.


Step by step

Three steps summarize Fogel's program. In step one, you'll practice historical benchmarking by evaluating departments against their performance over the last few years. In the second step, you'll create monitoring reports and management programs that are tied to organizational objectives, which administrators and managers will follow. Fogel says that this step can be relatively easy to set up and need not be overly expensive. In the final step, you'll implement for your managers incentives for superior performance and consequences for poor management.


This 6-chapter book includes topics such as the state of the union, how to develop realistic productivity standards, implementation, monitoring and reporting, incentives and consequences, and the politics of productivity. Tables, illustrations, and flowcharts underscore the principles taught in the book. An appendix of case studies and a glossary of terms provide supplemental reading.


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