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There's still time to register for Nursing Management 's Congress2004, in Chicago, Ill. The conference runs from October 3 to 6, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Call 1-800-346-7844, ext. 7798 or 7750, to join us as we mark our silver anniversary.


My kind of town, Chicago is[horizontal ellipsis]

When the conference isn't in session, the city of Chicago has much to offer. From Wrigley Field to the Magnificent Mile, the city is full of hot spots and family attractions. But did you know some of Chicago's best sightseeing is free? Let's begin at the Lincoln Park Zoo, located at 2200 N. Cannon Dr. This 35-acre zoo features attractions such as the Safari Audio Tour; A Truly Wild Ride: SBC-Endangered Species Carousel; Regenstein African Journey; and the 4-D Virtual Safari.


Next, catch the fireworks Wednesday and Saturday nights on Navy Pier, 600 E. Grand Ave. It's the only place you can ride a 150-foot Ferris wheel that provides a breathtaking view of the city. And don't forget to check out the live entertainment on the Skyline Stage.


It's time to get upscale with a visit to the Magnificent Mile, located on North Michigan Avenue between Oak and Grand. Do you like Fifth Avenue in New York City? Then you'll love the Magnificent Mile. Window shop in stores such as Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale's, and the Nordstrom flagship store. Check out designer boutiques like Gucci, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Tiffany & Co.


The Art Institute of Chicago, located at 11 S. Michigan Ave., is free on Tuesdays. With extensive collections in African, American Indian, American, Asian, and European art; photography; architecture; modern and contemporary art; and armor; the museum offers an enticing sample of different cultures.


For a nighttime treat, head over to Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. According to Citysearch Chicago, it's one of the largest fountains in the world, featuring 133 jets spraying 14,000 gallons of water per minute as high as 135 feet in the air. From 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., watch the colored light show that's synchronized to the water's movement.


Since you'll be staying at the conveniently located Hyatt Regency Chicago, all of these locations are merely a bus or cab ride away.




Armstrong Medical introduces its product catalog, which features an all-aluminum design for its A-Smart Premier carts, now with durable aluminum mounting tracks. The catalog also features new products such as the Actar AED Trainer and the Heine Disposable Laryngoscope Blades.


For more information, contact Armstrong Medical at 1-800-323-4220 or

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Artromick International, Inc., blends its medication cart design with the latest mobile computing solutions from Rioux Vision, an innovator in healthcare information management technology. The result: the Artromick/Rioux Vision IMC Medication Cart, a new benchmark in point-of-care medication control that features the latest mobile healthcare technology, such as bar code scanning, wireless data transfer, electronic medical records and CPOE, self-locking medication control, and cart user audit system.


For more information, contact Artromick International, Inc., at 1-800-848-6462 or

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Following tracheostomy, trach tube stabilization can be accomplished with the Dale Medical Tracheostomy Tube Holder. It features an exclusive narrow fastener tab that engages and disengages the trach plate quickly and more easily than knotting, tying, or threading twill tape. The Dale Tracheostomy Tube Holder adjusts to any neck size and is easy to apply, nonrestrictive, and more comfortable to wear. The neckband features a section of elastic stretch material that allows cough reflex and helps ensure a snug and secure fit. It's available in adult and neonatal/pediatric sizes.


For more information, contact Dale Medical at 1-800-343-3980 or

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Endur ID releases the EnduriCuff Plus Patient Wristband. Printed on standard inkjet printers, the EnduriCuff Plus produces an extremely tear-proof, waterproof and chemical-resistant wristband. The addition of a new fold over adhesive flap makes this band more secure than ever. The EnduriCuff Plus wristband requires no assembly, lamination, or clips-just print it and use it. It can accommodate multiple identifiers such as name, address, and date of birth, and crisp, highly legible bar codes.


For more information, contact Endur ID at 1-978-372-6585 or

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Healing HealthCare Systems introduces the Continuous Ambient Relaxation Environment (CARE) Channel, environmental programming for patient television featuring guided imagery. The CARE Channel uses guided imagery with patients' active imaginations to bring about responses in their bodies that can accelerate the healing process. The 24-hour channel provides varied guided imagery exercises, delivered in English and Spanish by male and female speakers. Patients view narrated meditations at the top of each hour, followed by 45 minutes of CARE Channel programming to allow patients to remain in the relaxed state.


For more information, contact Healing HealthCare Systems at 1-800-348-0799 or



The integriti vital signs solution (NIBP, SpO2, temperature), from Integriti Systems seeks to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and enterprise-wide availability of vital signs information collected at the point of care. The integriti offers significant advantages over stand-alone vital signs devices through a streamlined Windows-based application, allowing nurses to assess, review, and file data directly into their HIS with a single interface-without ever leaving the patient bedside. The integriti is designed for wherever an economical solution is required, including medical, surgical, and specialty inpatient services.


For more information, contact Integriti Systems at 1-866-652-4729 or

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Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc., announces wiring changes to the Provider 680 audio-visual nurse call system. The Provider 680 no longer requires shielded wiring between the main control and rooms for bus stations. This innovation reduces the amount of wiring and connections by one-third. Multipair, nonshielded cable in a single jacket may be used, including category-5 cable. Original inventories of wiring may still be used by not connecting the shield wires. Stations with the new code version aren't compatible with stations from the older system. Main controls and bus stations that use the new code may still be part of a network that includes older main control units. Current catalog numbers will not change.


For more information, contact Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc., at 1-773-275-1900 or

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The Richard WolfPowerBlade bipolar cutting and coagulation forcep is a multifunctional laparoscopic device. It provides grasping, dissecting, cutting, and coagulation all in one instrument. It utilizes a patented bipolar cutting blade that transects tissue using bipolar energy. This blade provides bipolar hemostatic cutting and maintains sharpness throughout the entire procedure. The PowerBlade is an economical alternative to existing bipolar cutting and coagulation devices and can be used with your existing bipolar generator.


For more information, contact Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation at 1-847-913-1113.

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Mellen Air Manufacturing, Inc., offers Rem-Air. The product's unique one-piece design, superior construction, minimal operating and maintenance costs, ease of use, and clinical effectiveness attract medical practitioners and dealers seeking mattress replacement systems for use in the prevention, management, and treatment of pressure ulcers in hospitals, nursing homes, and home care environments.


For more information, contact Mellen Air Manufacturing, Inc., at 1-800-770-6264 or

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Symbio Solutions ' Symbio software is the first human capital management (HCM) application designed specifically for healthcare. The Web-based Symbio software streamlines the entire staffing and recruiting process for every position in a healthcare organization. Symbio creates a Web-based private marketplace that's accessible by all parties in the supply chain and is tailored to each user's needs. This easy-to-use, browser-based application, supported by Symbio Solutions' 24/7 central office, creates a symbiosis between clients, suppliers, and candidates. Symbio Solutions' clients experience reduced cycle time, higher fill rates, reduced employment risks, greater productivity, actionable data, and overall improved staffing decisions.


For more information, contact Symbio Solutions at 1-800-417-4983 or

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TekTone 's new Tek-CARE 500 system provides senior living facilities with the most advanced security and safety available. Nurses can place wireless emergency switches in bathrooms, showers, and bedrooms for additional call locations. The PIR motion detector and the wall-mounted call transmitter can be used as either a call alarm or a check-in device. The NC501 master station computer is the core of the system, keeping track of all transmitters and calls, and sending those calls to staff pagers (when used with the Tek-PAGING system). The system also maintains resident information-including photos, medical information, and contact information for relatives and physicians.


For more information, contact TekTone at 1-800-327-8466 or

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In the exhibit hall

Nursing Management thanks all of the healthcare companies exhibiting at Congress2004 to date:


Addressograph Healthcare


Advocate Health Care Management


American Organization of Nurse Executives


AMN Healthcare, Inc.




Armstrong Medical Industries Inc.


Artromick International, Inc.


Bernard Hodes Group


Bid Shift, Inc.


Bio-logic Systems Corp.


Bridge Medical


C2 Professional Services


Care Systems, Inc.


Children's Hospital Central California


Children's Medical Center Dallas


CMSI "The Travel Nurse Co."


Cross Coutry Staffing


Dale Medical Products, Inc.


Dukane Communication Systems


Durfold Corporation




Enthermics Medical Systems


Evolution Medical Products, Inc.


Excelsior College


Favorite Nurses






Healthometer Professional


Immersion Medical


IRRIMAX Corporation


ISO-Caddy St. Clair Hospital


IVS/inTeleCare, Inc.


Jannetti Publications, Inc.


Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc.


Kaiser Permanente


Kaplan Medical


Lionville Systems, Inc.


Lippincott Williams & Wilkins


Maxim/TravelMax Staffing


Morrisey Associates, Inc.


Muffin Enterprises, Inc.


Northwestern Memorial Hospital


Nurses Service Organization


Nursing Spectrum/Nurse Week


O'Grady Peyton International


On Assignment Nurse Travel


Per-Se Technologies


PhotoMedex Surgical


Posey Company


Progressive Nursing Staffers


QuadraMed Corporation


Raspberry Med, Inc.


Rauland Borg Corp.


Res-Q Healthcare Systems


Richard Wolf Medical Instrument Corp.


RN Network




Seton Hall University


Sigma Theta Tau International




Soyring Consulting, Inc.




StarMed Staffing Group


Stryker Medical


Supplemental Health Care


Symbio Solutions


TekTone Sound & Signal Mfg.


The Nielsen Healthcare Group


Time Med Labeling System, Inc.


Total Care


U.S. Nursing Corporation


University of St. Francis


Van Slyck & Associates


VasTech, Inc.


Walden University


WellStar Health System


Wescom Products, Inc.