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  1. Bear-Lehman, Jane PhD, OTR, FAOTA
  2. Miller, Patricia A. EdD, OTR, FAOTA
  3. Adler, Marlo MS, OTR/L
  4. Buonocore, Jennifer Murray MS, OTR/L
  5. Coles, Nancy MS, OTR/L
  6. Kneafsey, Barbara Sweeney MS, OTR/L
  7. Katz-Sillman, Faygie MS, OTR
  8. Sherman-Amsel, Hindy MS, OTR


The purpose of this study was to begin to obtain normative data on the physical properties of hand strength and touch-pressure sensation among community-dwelling elderly. Grip strength, pinch strength, and touch-pressure sensation were tested in 82 individuals between the ages of 70 and 98 years from 2 urban senior centers in New York City. The average scores for grip and pinch were stronger for the men than the women; there was a noteworthy decline in hand strength after the age of 82 years for men and women. Touch-pressure hand sensation scores showed diminished light touch sensation (3.61) for the majority of the subjects in both the end-stage tests sites innervated by the median or ulnar nerves of the hand regardless of age or gender.