1. Lewis, Carole B. MSG, MPA, PhD, PT, GCS

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Learning something new is such fun. This issue is something new. Many of our readers may be intimately aware of the area of vision rehabilitation; however, my guess is that few are experts. I have very little exposure to this area and I was unaware of how much it has grown and what wonderful opportunities there are in the area of vision rehabilitation for the rehabilitation professional.


I was enthralled with the first article on the history of vision rehabilitation. I am a history buff, and so this type of reporting interests me a lot. Ms Studebaker and Dr Pankow did a wonderful job of bringing all the relevant information into a delightful chronological story. The access to participation article has outstanding clinical treatment information for the rehabilitation team and is so succinctly written that it was a pleasure to read. The article on driver safety is so timely with all the growing concerns about the older person's driving ability. I really appreciated the addition of the chart that elucidated the rules by state for older drivers.


This issue also did such a comprehensive job describing the changes with age that impact vision and possible rehabilitation solutions. The hemianopsia article and the neuropsychological testing article were jammed with clinically useful information. The one article that riveted my attention was the one on visual hallucinations. I was shocked how frequently and with what diagnoses this occurs and was thrilled to know there are treatments other than drugs for this. Finally, Dr Pankow ends this issue with a thought-provoking study showing the effects of a vision rehabilitation program.


I had fun reading this issue. Besides having fun, my vision has changed. I will now look at my patients differently and I will use some of these ideas in evaluating and treating them as well as recognize when it may be appropriate to refer them to other specialists.


I thank Dr Pankow and all her authors for doing such a wonderful job in disseminating this information to all of us.