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goal attainment, older adults, vision rehabilitation



  1. Pankow, Laura OD, PhD
  2. Luchins, Daniel MD
  3. Studebaker, Julia MA
  4. Chettleburgh, Daniel OTR


This study examined effective restoration of functional independence to older adults with vision loss through vision rehabilitation. Qualified clients at an older adult vision rehabilitation center were randomly assigned in yoked pairs to treatment and control groups. Each participant had pretests of living skills performance, independent movement, and psychological well-being. They then set goals. The treatment group (n = 15) received vision rehabilitation. The control group (n = 15) was placed on a waiting list. Each participant had posttesting and goal attainment determination. Interventions were optical aids, blind rehabilitation teaching, orientation and mobility training, and occupational therapy. Measures were the Functional Independence Measure for Blind Adults and the Nottingham Adjustment Scale 2. Significantly greater gains in posttest scores for living skills performance and psychological well-being were found for the treatment group versus the control group. Treatment group goal attainment was significantly better than that of the control group. This controlled outcome study illustrates the need for provision and insurance coverage of vision rehabilitation to older adults.