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In its first year of independence, the Center for American Nurses (CAN), the workplace advocacy group representing more than 48,000 nonunion nurses, focused on getting organized and preparing resources for its 37 constituent member groups to help nurses become their own advocates in the workplace.


Clair Jordan, outgoing president, noted that the center "helps the individual to become empowered in the workplace as opposed to giving that power away to a labor organization." She acknowledged that while there is dialogue with the United American Nurses, ANA's union affiliate, there is no collaboration on common issues. "We spent a year separating out our differences and establishing ourselves," she said. "It will take some time to see where we are together on issues."

FIGURE. Debbie Hatma... - Click to enlarge in new windowFIGURE. Debbie Hatmaker (left), newly elected president of the Center for American Nurses, presents a plaque to outgoing president Clair Jordan.

The aging workforce.

A major focus for the CAN is its "Mature Experienced Nurse" initiative to examine and improve the work environment so that older nurses can continue to work safely. The center conducted an online survey of older nurses and received more than 3,000 responses. Jordan noted that while older, more experienced nurses are less likely than younger nurses to sustain injuries, they recover from injury less quickly.


Debbie Hatmaker, newly elected president of the CAN, said she will build on this first year's work and continue "to establish an identity recognized by members and nonmembers alike." For more information go to