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congestive heart failure, decompensated heart failure, nesiritide



  1. Josephson, Sharon MS, RN, CRNP
  2. Barnett, Pamela P. BS, RN


Several trials have documented the efficacy of inpatient infusions of nesiritide in patients with heart failure. Early results from the Follow-Up Serial Infusions of Nesiritide (FUSION) study have supported the safety and efficacy of outpatient nesiritide infusions. Our Heart Failure Treatment Program began the use of outpatient nesiritide infusions to provide a cost-effective approach to improve quality of life in patients with advanced congestive heart failure not responding to standard therapy. We have provided outpatient nesiritide infusions for 2 years with favorable improvement in patient's quality of life and reduction in hospitalizations with no adverse outcomes demonstrated. Our experience utilizing nesiritide in the outpatient setting has been similar to the FUSION findings.