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* In her post "2020: The International Year of the Nurse and Midwife," Barbara Stilwell, executive director of Nursing Now, recommends five cost-effective and evidence-based areas that "policymakers can immediately invest in for the rapid expansion of health care services" (


* "Expecting increasingly more effort from nurses as a cost control method is unsafe and unfair," writes oncology nurse navigator Julianna Paradisi in "Understaffing: A Policy Oblivious to the Unforeseen Swerves of Life and Nursing Shifts" (


* In her post "As Another Coronavirus Begins to Spread, Follow Reasonable Precautions and Avoid Fearmongering," AJN clinical editor Betsy Todd urges nurses to respond to the emergence of the Wuhan coronavirus by staying calm and relying on their knowledge of standard and transmission-based precautions (



"Understaffing never changes. Is there a thought about cutting back on administrative personnel? No, never!" "After working in nursing for 42 years, I am still sad that there are so many barriers to adequate/safe staffing. I always tell everyone I know that if someone you love goes to the hospital, go with them to be their advocate." "For whatever reasons asylum seekers are here, there is no excuse to deny them basic health care such as vaccines."




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* Aimee Milliken and Melissa Uveges, coauthors of "Brain Death: History, Updates, and Implications for Nurses."


* Hanna B. Demeke and Eugene McCray, coauthors of "Ending the HIV Epidemic in the United States."


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