1. Rogers, Angela MSN, MPH

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Angela Rogers is a family nurse practitioner at Erie Family Health Center in Chicago and a photographer whose work has appeared in Yale Nursing Matters. She's now working with an American nurse midwife and a Nicaraguan nurse midwife to establish a women's health care center in Esteli, Nicaragua (

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This photograph is from a series entitled "Exploring Health and Human Rights." Rogers explains, "Nursing has long been associated with human rights work. In making these photographs, I sought to explore the link between health and human rights. For example, article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child from the United Nations-which has been signed by all nations except the United States and Somalia-states that every child has the right to 'the highest attainable standard of health'; ratifying parties agree to ensure 'the provision of adequate nutritious foods and clean drinking water.'


"As Mongolia undergoes rapid urbanization, significant discrepancies have arisen between its rural and urban populations, including access to safe drinking water. According to the United Nations Children's Fund, only 30% of Mongolia's rural population has such access, compared with 77% of the urban population. The girls in this photo are members of a family of nomadic herders. I would guess the water they're fetching isn't so clean, as it comes from a small stream where animals drink and people bathe."