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depression, Interpersonal Theory, Latina, low-income, mothers, psychiatric nursing intervention, research



  1. Beeber, Linda S. PhD, RN, CS
  2. Canuso, Regina MSN, RN, CS
  3. Emory, Sara MSN, RN, CS


Instrumental inputs, the units of energy that are passed from nurse to client in therapeutic encounters, stimulate the client to develop new competencies. This article develops the concept, part of the Interpersonal Theory of Nursing, and discusses its use in 2 clinical trials of an advanced practice psychiatric-mental health intervention with high-risk mothers with significant depressive symptoms. Systematic documentation of instrumental inputs in the strategic interactions between advanced practice psychiatric-mental health nurses and clients has provided cumulative empirical examples that are presented. The concept has great utility for clinical practice and research and continuing development and testing of the Interpersonal Theory of Nursing.