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performance-based measures, transtibial amputation



  1. McGuire, Traci L. PT, GCS


Achieving optimal function is the desired goal for patients who have sustained a transtibial amputation. This article describes a case study of a 77-year-old female patient who underwent a transtibial amputation and her rehabilitation program in a nursing home that provides short-term rehabilitation. A nontraditional ambulation device was utilized. It was a modification of a standard wheeled walker which allows weight bearing on side of the transtibial amputation allowing functional mobility early in the rehabilitation process. Throughout the patient's stay, her functional status was measured utilizing the following performance-based measures: the 6-min walk test, modified functional reach test, timed up and go test, and the Tinetti gait and balance test. The performance-based measure scores were sensitive to change over time demonstrating an improvement in function. The performance-based measures utilized in this case study demonstrated how these functional measures guided treatment and can be appropriately used in addressing impairments of a patient who underwent a transtibial amputation.