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Communication for Nurses


Reviewed by Patricia K Rosier, MS, APRN-BC


By L. K. Sheldon. Thorofare, NJ: SLACK, Inc, 2004. ISBN 1-55642-631-3. 143 pages.


Communication for Nurses is a practical, entry-level nursing text. It is presented in 5 sections, taking the reader from the first encounter with patients to dealing with conflicts among coworkers. Section 1 sets the stage with basic introductory information. Section 2 covers the nurse-patient relationship. Communicating with specific patient populations is the focus of Section 3. A range of issues, such as anger, life-threatening illness, pain, physical impairments, and different age groups, are covered. Section 4 covers communication with other healthcare providers, including conflict resolution and negotiation skills. The text concludes with a case study. Several exercises and case studies are included, leading to practical application. The text is user-friendly and easy to understand.


The clinical nurse specialist may find this text a useful resource when assisting staff to deal with issues related to problems in communication, not an uncommon situation in today's healthcare environment. It may also be very useful as a reference if working with the nonnurse members of the clinical team, who may not have had the same education and preparation in communication skills that nurses have received. The clinical nurse specialist who also serves as adjunct faculty may also find this text of assistance in working with students.