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child, health department, information systems, public health informatics, systems integration



  1. Fehrenbach, S. Nicole MPP
  2. Kelly, Janet C.R. MPH
  3. Vu, Christie MPH


Public health departments at the state and local levels are pursuing integration strategies to consolidate child health information systems to improve child health. Eighteen health departments were interviewed in this exploratory research study to gather information to describe their current activities related to integrating child health information systems. Results illustrate the common systems being brought together and the technical process for doing so, financing mechanisms, range of anticipated information-users and their method of access to the integrated system, and common internal and external challenges and strengths that the health departments face. The evidence suggests a trend towards more efficient and thoughtful use of the multiplicity of information systems within public health departments as programs consolidate and share data and expand electronic communication with their external partners in the health care delivery system to improve children's health.