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electronic health records, informatics, pediatrics, public health



  1. Shiffman, Richard N. MD, MCIS


Although great opportunities for synergies exist, experts in children's health care, public health, and informatics often practice in silos-unaware of advances in related fields. The conference "A Vision for Child Health Information Systems: Developing Child Health Information Systems to Meet Medical Care and Public Health Needs," was held in Atlanta, Georgia, December 3-4, 2003 in an effort to break down barriers. Issues-germane to each group and bridging the boundaries between them-are presented. A vision of health care with obstacles removed is described. Experts should work to diminish the insularity that interferes with effective collaboration, focus on the intersections of child health, public health and information technology, and recognize and promulgate the message that one-size technology solutions that are designed for adult medicine don't fit this area of practice.