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  1. Hatcher, Irene MSN, RNC+
  2. Sullivan, Mark PharmD, MBA, BCPS
  3. Hutchinson, James BS
  4. Thurman, Susan RN
  5. Gaffney, F. Andrew MD, FACC


Improving medication safety at the point of care-particularly for high-risk drugs-is a major concern of nursing administrators. The medication errors most likely to cause harm are administration errors related to infusion of high-risk medications. An intravenous medication safety system is designed to prevent high-risk infusion medication errors and to capture continuous quality improvement data for best practice improvement. Initial testing with 50 systems in 2 units at Vanderbilt University Medical Center revealed that, even in the presence of a fully mature computerized prescriber order-entry system, the new safety system averted 99 potential infusion errors in 8 months.