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The AtStaff Staff Management System is designed to implement and monitor safe staffing levels, and benchmark key quality care indicators and patient safety metrics. AtStaff schedules and staffs only nurses possessing the requisite training and proficiency needed to work in a specific unit. The software tracks employees' certifications and alerts managers and staff to upcoming expiration dates. It integrates all patient classification, acuity, and census data to anticipate patient volume, predict patient demand, and adhere to proper staffing ratios. AtStaff features user-configurable dashboards and executive scoreboards that monitor performance data on essential staffing coverage and quality care standards.


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VasTech 's Nightingale Edition provides a comprehensive suite of Web-based staff scheduling tools, specifically designed for the healthcare industry. Through its powerful scheduling engine, Nightingale automates the entire scheduling process, from employee preference entry and self-scheduling to reporting and decision support. Real-time staffing tools link with census and acuity to ensure proper patient care and staffing levels.


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