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Interpersonal relations, Prematurity, Prevention, Waiting room



  1. Tiedje, Linda Beth PhD, RN, FAAN




The purpose of this article is to describe the potential of pre-natal clinic waiting rooms for delivering prematurity prevention programs. The model is adapted from the psychoeducational model of prepared childbirth with goals in three areas: (1) information about prematurity, (2) coping skills to promote behaviors that reduce prematurity, and (3) psychological support. Cornerstones of the model include content, process, and outcome components. Content is based on Moore and Freda's seminal work on prematurity prevention (1998); process is based on the classic work of Peplau on interpersonal relations (1952); and outcomes summarize the current research on expanded prenatal care services. The article concludes with implications for future research in expanding the levels of intervention to include the broader community and health policy.