1. Humphrey, Carolyn J. MS, RN, FAAN

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2005 begins my tenth year as HHN's editor. As home care has changed over the past decade, the editorial board and I have had the journal reflect that change. As all of us do, at the first of the year I evaluate the past years and look forward to the new. I've noticed that there are always home care authors who look into their crystal balls and predict what is ahead for the financial, operational, regulatory, and technical aspects of our business. But only HHN can describe what clinicians and clinical managers are experiencing and anticipate.


So, for 2005, I want to focus much of the journal's resources on looking at what's really happening in home care clinical practice-where you are!! You know-the job you do every day-where the visits are planned and where they happen-where you bundle up for winter only to walk into the patient's house, where it's 98 degrees!!


I have some ideas for topics but would like to hear from you on what you're most interested in learning and how it affects your practice and patient care. In this issue, I'm launching something called "Second Opinion," a forum in which you discuss the "hot-button" issues facing the home care nursing profession today. Look for this space in each issue to see how readers answer the provocative question we pose every month. The first opinion I'd like to know?


What do you think home care nurses should wear?


[white square] A. A white uniform


[white square] B. A uniform of another color


[white square] C. Scrubs, any color or print


[white square] D. A bright, easily identifiable "RN" badge


[white square] E. Name tag is enough


[white square] F. Anything, so long as it is clean and neat


[white square] G. Other



You may respond by e-mail to, fax this page to 502-339-0087, or mail it to 3904 Therina Way, Louisville, KY 40241. Adding your name will indicate permission to use your comments in the journal. The deadline for your comments is February 15, 2005.


P.S. Whenever I've asked for readers' input previously, I received only a few responses. I want to see if this year it can be different. Home care clinicians' and managers' voices are absent from most home care discussions-make yours heard!! HHN is your journal. Bring up issues that are important to you!!