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Exercises for Arthritis: A Safe and Effective Way to Increase Strength, Improve Flexibility, Gain Energy and Reduce Pain


E. R. O'Driscoll. Long Island, NY: Healthy Living Books. 2004. 208 pp. $15.95. (800) 528-2550.


In this book, exercise physiologist Erin O'Driscoll brings help to arthritis sufferers. Studies have shown that exercise reduces the joint pain and stiffness that accompany arthritis, and that's not the only way it helps: exercise also increases muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance, while helping to reduce extra pounds that add pressure to the joints.


Exercises for Arthritis covers all the bases to help people with arthritis reduce pain, improve mobility, and increase strength. Easy-to-follow photographs illustrate each exercise, making the routines simple even for those who have been sedentary for years.


More than a workout guide, this book contains valuable information for anyone affected by arthritis, from an overview of the different types of arthritis and the latest research to discussions of popular treatment methods and medications. From tips on maintaining a "Good Health Attitude" to simple exercises that can be done in bed each morning to prepare for a great rest of the day, the material gives readers the opportunity to manage their health.