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  1. Butchko, Harriett H. MD
  2. Petersen, Barbara J. PhD, MPH


The obesity epidemic in the United States is growing and will only get worse unless effective, coordinated strategies are developed and policies put into place to stem this tide. Unfortunately, today there are more questions than answers regarding why we have this crisis and how to solve it. Balancing the energy equation to attain and maintain a healthy body weight seems a simple concept; however, putting this concept into practice in everyday life has clearly become a losing battle. A large research base exists to guide the development of solutions. However, understanding the underlying science and applying that science to create practical and successful solutions is our challenge. There are a number of key stakeholders in the obesity epidemic-the public, regulators and policy makers, consumer groups, and the food, beverage, and restaurant industries. The cooperation and alignment of efforts by the various stakeholder groups with increased energy offers the promise of rapid progress toward solving a critical problem.